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Mandeville will take the burden off you for such an immense sum to bring together. We happily give sandwich platters, substantial advice and knowledge to our couples in order to contribute to all subtleties. Our full packages consolidate gourmet catering in sdney the execution of the wedding along with other world connections and inspire you to complete the perfect wedding. Our goal is to make it easy for you to find an answer for yourself.


Our helpful team will ensure that you and your guests have profound and embedded recollections of sandwich platters your special day. For your arrangement and with all the finer stuff for your enigmatic marriage meeting our professional Wedding Co-consultants will help you and provide you with gourmet catering. With the packages for each taste and budget schedule, believe that you will be pleased with all we have to give.

Then what else is TEA CUP, Love?

Tea is what gets us closer face-to-face. What do you talk about some tea on a daily basis? Tea makes you feel calm and comfortable.

Smorgasbord Express in Sydney is a critical and fruitful occurrence for your High Tea and sandwich platters chance. Both in your desired region and in one of our two sublime capacity spaces, we have intended to differentiate your occasion from the others!

With a gourmet catering of teas, delicious furs and assorted luxuries, divine ceramics and our specialist team, Buffet Express cooking will give you everything you need.

Baby shower, anniversary: high tea catering for every occasion birth day:

It is natural that high-tea opportunities are usually arranged by women. This doesn’t mean in any situation that it can’t be a unisexual chance! Regardless of the case, we promise a splendid and fun with sandwich platters high tea for yourself!

We also propose the use of our High Tea Authority for business events. Our wealth of teas make your customers appealing and relevant. A lunch, sandwich platters, a meeting room meeting, a course or even a day of planning for the workers can all be an unbelievable cause for a tea.

If it is a little meeting or an enterprise gourmet catering, any time food is provided for a High Tea event should match each event.

  • sandwich platters
  • Jam and New Cream Scones
  • Dutch and Croissants
  • Caviar Smoked Salmon
  • Fresh Mini Quiches Baked
  • Strawberries sunk in cocoa

Smorgasbord Express gourmet catering has the things you want to live up to reach the amount of sophistication you want. If you hope to resolve an exquisite case, don’t look any further at that moment.For more information please click here