Preventing Nesting Under Solar Panels

birds under solar panels

Birds typically choose to build their nests on the bottom of solar panels because of the excellent shelter and warmth. You can keep birds away from your solar panels by using meshing, netting, decoys, and spikes.

The electricity generated by solar panels is a tremendous return on your investment, and your home’s resale value will rise as a result. On overcast days, the solar panels on the roof can still produce significant amounts of electricity because they are safely hidden from view. Because of this, birds have found a great place to raise their young under the panels. Therefore, many homeowners have reported finding the birds under solar panels.

What can you do to prevent birds from breeding under your solar panels?

Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh

Galvanized steel solar panel mesh is a typical and successful solution for preventing birds from nesting underneath solar panels. The mesh is attached to the side panels and prevents birds from going below.

Because it has been exposed to extreme weather conditions, the solar panel mesh is guaranteed to last for many years. In addition, the mesh allows air to travel beneath the panels even when the panels are closed.


Polyurethane net is an alternative to mesh if the mesh is too expensive or impractical for your solar panels. Light can pass through the net, which is easy to put up and spans the full area, preventing birds from landing. However, the netting may need to be inspected and updated regularly because the mesh lasts much longer.

Decoy Animals 

The Owl Decoy is an old classic way of keeping birds under solar panels away from solar panels because of its simplicity and effectiveness. A simple owl shape is typically all that is needed for a decoy to work. If the decoy is left in the same area for too long, the birds will assume it has died and left. So, you’ll have to drag it around, which isn’t exactly ideal.

In addition, you can purchase rubber snakes. At all costs, birds will avoid snakes because of their irrational fear. Get a bunch of rubber snakes and scatter them about your solar panels and roof. In addition to being hidden and undetectable, they will scare any bird to death when they meet face-to-face with a snake.


Spikes of stainless steel may not be adequate to deter birds on their own, but when used in conjunction with mesh, they can be quite effective. Small spikes on the roof and mesh on the panels should deter birds from landing on your property. In addition to being inexpensive and uncomplicated to set up, spikes are not the most visually appealing of house decor, so keep that in mind when planning.

A clean and well-kept yard

If you want to keep the birds away, you’ll need to maintain your yard tidy. Also, make sure to wash surrounding your solar panels regularly to remove any material accumulated there. Washing alone may not be enough to keep birds away, but it can be effective when used in combination with other approaches. In addition, your home is immaculately clean and well-kept.